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Take Out Pet Stains with Professional Oriental Rug Cleaner in Coppell

Last updated 4 years ago

If you have a pet, chances are you won’t be able to help but let out a shout or a scream when you see them answer the call of nature right on your favorite rug. A blog post in the rugs information portal Rug Chick explains:

"It’s all fun and games until the valuable Oriental rug in the den gets a pet urine stain that’s not coming out.

Pet urine is at the top of the “uh oh” chart of rug disasters. The stains are usually permanent. But if the field has a busy design that might not be a big issue.

The odor though… well, that IS a lingering issue, and the longer that urine sits in those rug fibers, the worse of an issue it’s going to become to the rug and the floor."

The thought of soiled Oriental rugs will make even the most animal-friendly resident of Coppell, TX, teetering with rage. The city strictly requires registration for all residents’ pets; in addition to a leashing law, local ordinances require that the owner must scoop their pets’ waste as soon as possible. If you have an Oriental rug that just suffered such a nasty case of misfortune (whether the offending pet was yours or the neighbor’s), an Oriental rug cleaner in Coppell, like the established professionals of the Oriental Rug Cleaning Co., are just a phone call away.

Upon hitting the upper layer of the rug’s surface, your pet’s urine can immediately saturate the wool fibers and dig deeper into the foundation, thereby making it harder to remove. Neutralizing the odor is particularly important, too, because it can really cling onto the material, lingering even long after the stain has been removed. Simple home cleaning solutions, unfortunately, can’t do the job. In fact, it can even make the problem worse, especially if the cleaning solution is not applied properly.

A professional team, on the other hand, should be equipped with the right tools and knowledge to remove the affected rug from your house and clean it at their special facility. They can have a number of effective treatment solutions, including enzyme baths, heavy-duty beaters and a drying room.

Appearances are king when it comes to displaying an Oriental, Persian or Navajo, rug at your home – don’t let your pets get the better of your rug’s value by using it as his toilet territory. An expert rug cleaner from Plano like the Oriental Rug Cleaning Co will keep your prized rug safe.


(Source: Pet puddles on rugs. (Uh oh, urine trouble!), Rug Chick)



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