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Different Types of Area Rugs that Require Rug Cleaning in Dallas, TX

Last updated 4 years ago

Decors and furniture grant identity as well as provide character to a home. Some decorative implements may cost you an arm and a leg, but most of the time, it only takes one or a few items to bring out the best in any room. Take area rugs, for example, which simply covers a part of a floor and occupies minimal space yet can breathe life into an otherwise dull room and accent the furnishings within it.
An article from has this to say about area rugs:
"If something seems to be missing in an otherwise well-decorated room, chances are an area rug will be your solution. If an area rug is on your wish list, don't be afraid to spend a little extra to get exactly what you want. Rugs are a wise investment, providing years of service and pleasure."
Indeed, if you’re ready to spruce up your humble abode in Dallas, TX with area rugs, you might want to consider investing in the following:
Bordered Rugs
When it comes to appearance, bordered rugs typically have a base color in the middle and strips of border on the edges in one, two, or three colors. Bordered area rugs may look simple, but they have a myriad of uses. They can be placed under dining tables, living-rooms sets, and cocktail tables, to name a few.
Inlaid Rugs
Want a customized rug inspired by your imagination or interests? It may cost your more than the average area rug, but inlaid rugs have a more personal feel as you can work with a skilled carpet designer to make it for you. From geometric shapes, your favorite team’s logo, to your initials even, the design possibilities are close to endless.
Oriental Rugs
The article describes an oriental rug as being “[a] symbol of wealth, and rightfully so, as they're quite expensive. They're a great investment, as their value never decreases and sometimes increases.” Given that most oriental rugs are handmade and crafted with special materials (e.g. silk, imported wool), you’ll need to invest in proper rug cleaning in Dallas from trusted companies like Oriental Rug Cleaning Co.
Once you’ve chosen the best area rugs for your home, you’ll have to think about quality area rug cleaning in Arlington or Dallas, TX. After all, what use is an area rug’s beauty if it’s covered in stains, dirt, and dust, right?
(Article Information and Image from Area Rugs 101, HGTV)

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