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Stain Removal in Dallas, TX and its Many Myths

Last updated 4 years ago

Many homeowners unwittingly cause damage to their rugs, carpets and other furniture thanks to the wrong information. Stain removal in Dallas, TX is best left to professionals at times when you are uncertain about how to proceed with handling tough stains. Many times people act out of a lack of knowledge and only serve to make the stain set even more. If having been left to the professionals the stain may have been able to be completely removed.

Sometimes the myths and misadvise we receive from people are given with the best of intentions. A lot of the popular myths making the rounds today are handed down from one generation to the next. However you find yourself with this misinformation, here are a few the most popular myths surrounding stain removal debunked:

  • Use bleach when in doubt: This is quite possibly one of the worst pieces of advice you can act on. The rule should rather read like, when in doubt, rather never use bleach. There are simply too many people that see bleach as the go to stain removal remedy for all stains. Bleach is not as much a stain remover as it is a disinfectant whose main job is to kill micro organisms. It will end up causing irreversible damage to fabrics and upholstery, carpets and furniture if used incorrectly
  • Using more detergent will get the job done better: Popular among the stain removal myths is that people who use more detergents will achieve greater stain removal power. This is certainly not true and unfounded. The truth behind this misleading myth is that too much detergent or soap can cause a lot more problems than fix them, with an excess of detergent causing residues that won’t be able to get rinsed away completely. This will ultimately attract more grime and dirt to the surface of the fabric
  • Use hot water for stubborn stains: This myth would also seem to be one of the more popular gaffes around homeowners. Tacking heavy stains with hot water can be one of the very worst things to do, as you will in effect only be setting the stain even further. Use cold water where possible.

Affordable stain removal in Dallas, TX from Dallas Rug Cleaner

For those in the market for cutting edge and cost-effective stain removal in Dallas, TX, contact Oriental Rug Cleaning for quick and professional service.


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